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ABOUT The Owner

Emily is a Pennsylvania transplant living just outside of Raleigh, she's a passionate advice giver and an eternal student. 

An old soul and a mother to a rough and tumble toddler boy, she has an industrious spirit and a gifted eye for design. 

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the work

A self taught floral designer and an experienced and passionate event planner, Emily helps clients celebrate important moments in their lives or businesses. 

Her goal with every client is to create an experience of profound understanding and trust that then leads to an incredible celebration. 

Whether you’re planning a wedding, hosting a fundraising gala, throwing an office holiday party or celebrating a birthday, Emily can help you plan and execute an effortless event.



Client Reviews

Emily was seriously a dream. Planning a wedding is so much more than you ever think it will be when you start... Emily was more than an event planner, she was my support system and expert consultant...
— Casey Nifong
... It was clear that Emily was dedicated to the success of the event and my ability to enjoy the day as the bride. It amazed me not only how she was so detail oriented, but even more so how I don’t remember anything going wrong on the day of the event thanks to her and her hardworking team.
— Laura Schoenfeld
The planning was as close to stress free for us as we could imagine and the wedding day itself went perfectly.
— Michael Cools
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