One on One Mentoring


Why I Mentor...

For a long time I have felt strongly about mentoring young adults (or really anyone) about choosing the career path that fits into the life you want to live. Not fitting your life into the career that you want. 

I have had over 30 different and varied jobs since I was 14. I love to work. The work that I do gives me the self-esteem to face each day with confidence and purpose. Each job that I had was a teaching moment to learn what skills I had, what I liked or didn't like about my workplace and co-workers, and forced me to look deeper into how that job made me feel as a person.

Working to help others illuminate the amazingness inside of them and to provide guidance along this path of being a wedding planner (or creative professional) is something that sparks joy in me and hopefully, you too. 


If you would like to schedule a time to have an 1.5 hour mentoring session please fill out this form here

Mentoring sessions are $150 per session.