Boutique Florals



Whiskey and White Floral is a lovely little branch of our event planning and design company that creates everyday magic with flowers. 

As self-taught floral designers with a garden style aesthetic, we choose to create with movement - letting nature inspire our work. 



We create flowers for any celebration. Just give us a reason to bring flowers into your life. 

We love collaborating with clients to bring beauty and color into their events. Each custom order is thoughtfully prepared and unique to each event. 




We believe in taking great care of the work we create and the clients who choose to work with us. To be able to provide a high level of service we have a $2000 minimum for weddings and a $700 minimum for smaller events. 


All of the waste (stems, leaves, cardboard shipping boxes, etc.) that inherently go into creating professional arrangements is either composted or recycled. We feel that we can reduce landfill growth and emissions by actively finding better solutions for what we don't use.