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I have been so blessed this year in 2016 for having doubled my business from last year. Myself and my staff have been working gangbusters to help wonderful clients fulfill their wedding dreams. I have loved all of it, except the being away from my family part.

Looking forward to the future of 2017 and what it holds for my business I have decided to focus more on a smaller group of clients and work to create truly curated experiences with them while planning their weddings. We will be taking on 10 clients (3 of which have already been booked) for 2017.

I have also found that those couples who book our Partial Planning and Full Service Planning packages have better experiences with us because they get to know and trust us. They work closely with me and my team through the countless in person meetings, phone calls, and emails. By the time their big day comes they have no doubt that we have every detail memorized and will execute their wedding flawlessly.

As we have created the greatest relationships with these couples that we spend more time with, we hope only to continue that trend in the future by restricting the timing in which we book certain services. We will be looking to book Wedding Management no more than 6 months before the event date, Partial Planning no more than 12 months before the event date, and Full Service Planning no more than 18 months before the event date.

This is not to discourage prospective clients from booking our services, but instead to help us find our ideal clients. Those couples who are truly our perfect fit to work with, as we will understand them and they will understand us. That is how we create our very best work and your very best wedding day.

I do have some amazing things coming out later this year, an E-Course for newly engaged couples, and Holiday Party Planning, that we would love to hear from you about. Please stay tuned to us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and we will be keeping up updated with all the goings on here with the Whiskey and White Family.

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